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Maid of Honor Planner

Maid of Honor planner is creative and inspirational, just like her. With this planner, every Maid of Honor becomes a true magical assistant to her dear bride-to-be friend. We have made sure that it is completely magical, so we will personalize its cover according to your wishes!

We make personalized covers by hand from various premium materials, and this planner is a gift in the full sense of the word “hand made”. Equally, this is a very useful and practical helper. It’s as if you gave your godmother the ultimate handsome assistant.

Price: from 32,85 €

Cover design

Cover design is sent to You for review and approval upon visible payment, while we work together to coordinate and align all the details via email.

Delivery time

During the current week until Friday, we accept orders with delivery for the following week (Thursday/Friday). This applies to all orders paid with an agreed and approved design by 11 a.m. on Friday. Deliveries to the address are scheduled every week on Thursday and Friday. For other EU countries, delivery may take another 2-5 working days.


Maid of Honor Planner includes tips for the best Maid of Honor. Following space planned for filling in all ideas and items related to wedding organization. Here’s a budget as well as planning a bachelorette party! Your godmother will surely be delighted by the inspirational quotes with beautiful author’s illustrations


Guide for the best Maid of Honor, 12-Month Pre-Wedding Checklist, Emergency Kit, Wedding Day, Maid of Honor’s Budget, Bachelorette Party, Total Expenses, Notes

Technical specifications and prices

A5 format (14.8 x 21 cm), vertical orientation

High qualityhard covers
Covers are made of premium materials
Personalization of the cover with optional text, illustration or logo

66 pages in color filled with texts and illustrations, as well as spaces for content writing

The price of the Planner with printing in the engraving technique: 32,85 €

Application of text in shiny gold print: 5,65 €
Applying the text to the back cover: 4,50 €
Applying 4 metal corners to the cover: 4,55 €
Pen holder: 2,75 €

Delivery price: 4.65 € for the whole of Croatia
Multiple notebooks within one delivery will be sent in one package.
For the purchase of 3 or more notebooks within one delivery, delivery is free!

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It will be our great pleasure to help you create a place for memories as warm and special as a hug.

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