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Personalized Notebooks Basic

Basic Personalized Notebooks come in several colors and have hardcovers that we personalize according to your wishes! Add a quote, logo, illustration or text to the cover – choose as you like and make it completely magical to your taste.

Choose your perfect sample and personalize it yourself!

Price: from 22,75 €

Delivery time

During the current week until Friday, we accept orders with delivery for the following week (Thursday/Friday). This applies to all orders paid with an agreed and approved design by 11 a.m. on Friday. Deliveries to the address are scheduled every week on Thursday and Friday. For other EU countries, delivery may take another 2-5 working days.

Notebook interior

122 pages with a 2024/2025 calendar and content lines, while there is a date box in the upper corner of each page.

rokovnici personalizirani rokovnik personalizirani pokloni magical book lab 1

Cover design

Cover design is sent to You for review and approval upon visible payment, while we work together to coordinate and align all the details via email.

Technical specifications and prices

A5 format (14.8 x 21 cm), vertical orientation
On request: notebooks without calendars, as well as A4 format (only squares and blank pages with no lines)

High-quality hardcover binding
Personalization of the cover with text as desired (shiny gold foil printing or matte pastel print without shine in any color). Personalization of the cover with optional text, illustration or logo.*The back cover contains our logo positioned in the middle or bottom of the cover.

122 pages with a calendar for 2024/2025 and lines for writing content, while each page features a date box in the upper corner.

Personalized Notebook with included text on the front cover in matte pastel color as desired: 22,75 €

Application of text in shiny gold print: 5,65 €
Applying the text to the back cover: 4,50 €
Applying 4 metal corners to the cover: 4,55 €
Pen holder: 2,75 €
Applying a smaller photo on the cover : 4,98 € – only pearly white Notebooks

Delivery price: 4,65 € for the whole of Croatia
Multiple notebooks within one delivery will be sent in one package.
For the purchase of 3 or more notebooks within one delivery, delivery is free!

We offer discounts for the purchase of multiple pieces.
For such and similar inquiries, please contact us at the email address

larger A4 format
– interior filled with blank pages or squares
application of logo on notebook covers
application of a smaller photo or logo on notebook covers

Ordering is possible by filling out the order forms on our website, sending an email to or through the Magical Book Lab social media channels (Facebook and Instagram).

After placing an order, within 24 hours, payment details will be sent to your email address (please check spam and junk folders). After visible payment, your new product will arrive within 10 working days!

Fill out the order form

It will be our great pleasure to help you create a place for memories as warm and special as a hug.

Create your personalized product and order it independently through our order form!

Follow simple steps and create your magical story.

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