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Hokus pokus Baby’s First Memory Book

The most magical one is the Hocus Pocus Baby’s First Memory Book that we’ll enchant together and before printing, incorporate all, for you, important details,as well as the photos you choose with accompanying content and then print an unforgettable book of memories for you. And for the wizard in you, we’ll leave a little space for later adding and pasting pictures. 😍

Through the order form, select all the desired items, and we’ll always send you the Baby’s First Memory Book digitally for review and approval before printing.

Price: from 69,50 €


Personalization of the interior with data about: the child’s name, gender, date of birth, time of birth, length and weight at birth, parents’ names, siblings’ names, a dedication at the end… and with the inclusion of photographs.

List of photographs we include in the Baby’s First Memory Book during preparation for printing
4-6 photos of the newborn baby
1-3 photos from the parents’ wedding
1-2 photos of mommy’s pregnancy
1 ultrasound photo
1-3 photos of leaving the maternity ward
1-4 photos of your choice (will be placed on the same page)

The rest of the space is reserved for independently pasting photographs later (first Christmas, St. Nicholas Day, Easter, etc.).

Interior and cover design

Interior and cover designs are sent to You for review and approval upon visible payment, while we work together to coordinate and align all the details via email.

Delivery time

The production and delivery time is approximately 8 working days (exact details are mutually agreed upon by email, and adjustments are possible according to our capabilities). The same applies to completely sent order forms with correctly attached materials. Deliveries to the address are planned every week on Thursdays and Fridays, in accordance with the delivery dates mentioned above. For other EU countries, delivery may take another 2-5 working days.

Technical specifications and prices

A4 format (21 x 29,7 cm) horizontal orientation

The interior of the Baby’s First Memory Book features high-quality 260g photo-paper that is waterproof and washable. It is soft and slightly glossy, giving the entire product a prestigious appearance (for the production of premium lay-flat 800 g panoramic binding, please send an inquiry)
High-quality hardcover binding
Personalization of covers with text as desired

40 color-filled pages adorned with cheerful texts, delightful illustrations, and heartwarming literary quotes. It follows the child’s life up to their first year (minor modifications within the texts are possible if needed – excluding certain parts such as baptism, wedding, adapted for single parents…).

Hokus pokus Book with included basic personalized hard cover: 69,50 €. The price includes pearl white, black and aluminum silver covers and personalization in any matte color.

Premium korice: baršun, ekskluzivne knjigoveške tkanine, knjigoveška tkanina ispunjena sitnim sjajnim šljokicama, kožne korice: 8,75 €
Premium korice:
korice koje svijetle u mraku: 12,75 €
Apliciranje teksta u sjajnom zlatotisku:
5,65 €y
Application of the text on the front cover in the technique of relief printing 3D print: 7,55 €
Applying the text to the back cover: 4,50 €
Applying 4 metal corners to the cover: 4,55 €

Delivery price: 4,65 € for the whole of Croatia
Multiple notebooks within one delivery will be sent in one package.
For the purchase of 3 or more notebooks within one delivery, delivery is free!

We offer discounts for the purchase of multiple pieces.
For such and similar inquiries, please contact us at the email address

After placing an order, within 24 hours, payment details will be sent to your email address (please check your spam and junk folders). After visible paymant, Your product arrives within 10 working days!

Fill out the order form

It will be our great pleasure to help you create a place for memories as warm and special as a hug.

Create your personalized product and order it independently through our order form!

Follow simple steps and create your magical story.

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