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Baby Book

Listening to your wishes, we’ve created a magical memory chest that will preserve countless small but important details and continue to amaze you for many years to come 🥰

Introducing the Baby Book – our version of a photo book that captures all the most important moments of your little prince or princess growing up. This is where the magic of childhood turns into beautiful pages of memories.

Choose your favorite photos, dedications and quotes, illustrations, drawings, favorite videos… and we will create for you a personalized and very special gift, a unique memory, and your own magical story.

🌟 Unique personalization: Each Baby Book is created according to the wishes of the parents. From the album covers to including special moments, every detail is customizable to reflect your unique story.

🌟 Attention to detail: Our team of design experts is dedicated to creating pages that exude warmth and tenderness. Each page is carefully crafted to capture the beauty of your little one's growth and development.

🌟 Inside the Baby Book, during the preparation for printing, we will incorporate Your photos, dedications, short texts, and even your own videos via QR codes...

🌟 We also offer a variety of our original illustrations to choose from; child growth chart, spaces for hand and footprints, illustrations, the meaning of the child's name, display of the night sky at a specific location, and many other magical elements from the Order form,

🌟 Another surprise awaits You inside - waterproof and washable 260 g photo paper, slightly glossy and soft under the hand. So, no more worries about the fingerprints or the occasional spilled juice 🙂

🌟 For true art lovers, here is a premium lay-flat panoramic binding made with 800 g laminated photo paper, which is part of our exclusive assortment!

🌟 Our wide range of cover materials find here,

🌟 If you want to design your new book by yourself, paste photos and write texts, we will offer You our blank album with personalized covers,

🌟 For the perfect final touch, here are our decorative boxes with personalization according to your wishes.

Interior and cover design

Interior and cover designs are sent to you for review and approval upon visible payment. We work together to coordinate and align all the details via email.

Delivery time

The production and delivery timeframe is 8 working days for classic binding and 12 working days for lay-flat binding (exact details are discussed jointly via email, and adjustments can be made by agreement and based on our capabilities). This applies to complete order forms sent with correctly attached materials (photos + text). Deliveries to the address are planned every week on Thursdays and Fridays, in accordance with the delivery dates mentioned above. For other EU countries, delivery may take another 2-5 working days.

The delivery time is shorter for Blank Albums with personalized covers, which you can find here.

Instructions for creating and submitting materials

IMPORTANT: Materials for photo books production are available exclusively to employees closely involved in the production process. After the products are made, we permanently delete them from our servers. You can read more details about this in our Terms of Service. With a personalized approach and agreement, we will try to fulfill all your ideas!

1. Follow the steps and fill out the order form located at the bottom of the product page.
2. Within the order form, choose the desired items (cover color, cover material, print on covers, cover design, typography, letter color, interior backgrounds, etc.
3. In the “Materials for Production” field, provide a link to the photos.
4. Before printing, we will send you a digital version of the book for your review and approval, ensuring that we have fulfilled all your desires!

For more details on these steps, please refer to our Instructions for Creating and Submitting Materials.

Price list

Fill out the order form

It will be our great pleasure to help you create a place for memories as warm and special as a hug.

Customize your personalized product and place your order independently through our order form!

Follow easy steps to create your magical story.

Note: For blank albums with personalized covers, please fill out this form.

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